Barrios In Fernando Leon De Aranoo

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Poverty, drugs, prostitution, and theft may not be a common occurrence seen by the average person, but for those individuals who live in housing projects, it is second hand nature. A housing project is a government-subsidized housing development that provides low rent for low income households. These developments are usually considered as ghettos; in Spanish they are referred to as “barrios”. Spanish film director and screenwriter, Fernando Leon de Aranoa, gives audiences a better understanding of the hardships that are faced in his film “Barrio”. Living in such tough conditions, it would be hard for anyone to prosper, but it becomes even more difficult for teenagers to resist the evils that surround them everyday, the future is bleak and to escape it is almost impossible. The film “Barrio”, is about three friends Javi, Manu, and Rai, who live…show more content…
A powerful scene that portrays how the circumstances the boys face continues to trap them in their neighborhood is when Manu discovers that his brother is a drug addict. Manu is a character who has gone out of his way to try to do good and earn money by getting a job delivering pizza. He lies in order to get the job because the position requires a scooter which he does not have. He runs all over town and takes public transportation in order to make his deliveries. On one of those deliveries, he sees his father come onto the bus and then get off at an unusual stop. Manu later returns to that stop to find his brother, which he has not seen in some time under a bridge doing heroin. Manu’s father has lied to him about the whereabouts of his brother in order to protect him. No matter the good that Manu has done to try to prosper, his effort is diminished by his circumstances. The product his neighborhood has created has trapped Manu. Soon after, he quits his job. Manu’s future is
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