Barristers Role In Civil Cases

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P2/P3:Explain the role of lawyers in criminal and civil cases Solicitors Solicitors give advice on areas of the law.Solicitors are the first people who are contacted when somebody or businesses are looking for legal advice or for them to be represented.Solicitors are normally within a team in firms owned by the solicitors.Some solicitors also work for the local government.Solicitors have to work their way up. Solicitors are found in different areas of the law.Work which solicitors do is: Meeting clients finding out what they require and helping them in some way Carrying out research on relevant areas of the law and giving courses for clients Drafting out contracts, letters and other legal documents which the client will require.Representing…show more content…
Whilst a solicitor can represent you in court he only has rights of representation in the magistrates court.In civil cases all repesentations are done by the barrister. So a solicitor can represent you is just as normal in other cases.The jobs of a solicitor are generally advising clients on their legal issues and contacting a barrister if necessary.SOlicitors also draft contracts and wills and generally do all the legal paper work. What do barristers do in civil cases During civil cases barristers and solicitors do the same job which is meeting with clients and discuss issues and points regarding the case.Barristers and solicitors also work together in civil cases to try and discuss what the outcome of the case will be.Barristers also be in court and try to back up they clients as much as they possibly can. What do solicitors do in criminal cases Solicitors represent their clients in court.It depends on what type of solictor they are defending or prosecuting solictor.Solictors will represent clients in the police station help them to get bail and then also stand up infront of magistartes to give they clients view either backing them up trying to get them prosecuted.Solictors will give evidence and advise to they clients to help them out with they case as much as they possibly…show more content…
There are particular tasks that have to be carried out with the legal professionals themselves, including negotiating with the other party, lawyers have to carry out research and find out relevant statistics related to the case they are relating
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