Barry Bonds Use Of Steroids In Major League Baseball

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Major League Baseball has had a long struggle with keeping steroids out of the sport and making sure players aren’t cheating by enhancing their abilities in the game. The players that have been caught however have mostly all tried to deny the claims one way or another trying to avoid the consequences. This era, called the Steroid Era, started in the 80’s and ran roughly through the late 2000’s with no real defined start or end and PEDS otherwise known as performance enhancing drugs are just as big of a threat to the sport as they always have been. The reason most baseball players use PEDS is to get stronger and faster than normal to help their stats and make them better athletes. Although steroids were banned in 1991, testing for the substances did not start until 2003 which allowed players to freely use steroids without any major repercussions and if they were caught there still was only a minor punishment making steroids easy to use by players. Prior to this, players were not tested unless there was reason to …show more content…

Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds were both linked to BALCO. Although Jason Giambi has admitted to using steroids, Barry Bonds steadfastly denies any use of the drugs. Neither of these players has been officially been punished by the league though as they have never actually failed a drug test. Barry Bonds went on trial in March 2010 for his alleged use of steroids. It was claimed by witness, Steve Hoskins, that although he never actually saw Bonds take the drugs, he did see Bonds’ trainer handling needles and that Bonds would go in and out of the bedroom where the trainer was. He also claimed to hear Bonds complaining about the pain caused by the shots. Bonds used every resource he had to get the drugs. His girlfriends would get the drugs for him and he would pay them well for the

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