Barry Mclaughlin's Myths And Misconceptions About Second Language Learning

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Barry McLaughlin’s article "Myths and Misconceptions About Second Language Learning: What Every Teacher Needs to Unlearn" presents the misconceptions people often have when it comes to children’s second language acqusition (SLA). Many people hold the concept “the younger you are, the faster you are able to acquire a language;” however, this is a misleading widespreaded concept that is often applied when acquiring a second language. Therefore, this article not only aims to overthrow these misconceptions but also provides some implications teachers should keep in mind when teaching children their second language. Other than the author’s own findings, I would like to enhance his statements through my own personal language teaching experience.
McLaughlin’s article argues with the concept that age and environment are important to acquiring a second language, and
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The first myth is that teachers might consider children have acquired their L2 because they are able to make conversations. But the truth is, proficiency in L2 speaking doesn’t mean the children can maintain their proficiency academically; there’s still a gap in between. As a result, teachers should stay aware that a children’s reading and writing might not stand out as much as his/her oral performance, and vice versa. Another myth teachers often have in mind is that all children learn their L2 in the same way. Nonetheless, given the fact that children are from different social cultures and backgrounds, the article proposes it’s unlikely that children acquire language in the same way. Children from different social classes acquire their language in different ways. For those who live in an advanced society, their parents teach them through language; on the other hand, children who live outside the urban or a less advanced culture learn through observation rather that verbal teaching. So obviously, children require different teaching

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