Barry Schwartz's Three Moral Skills

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There are three moral skills that Barry Schwartz identifies in his video which are kindness, care, and empathy. Schwartz also relates that these moral skills are connected with moral will combine to form practical wisdom. Schwartz uses examples of a variety of different janitors that go above and beyond their normal duties to do the right thing and help people. It is these people that show and enforce the power of implementing moral skills can have. Schwartz goes onto to also discuss different attributes the wise people must have. These include: know the exception to every rule, ability to improvise, know the moral skills, and that wise people are made not born. The first of these attributes shows that there are tasks outside of your normal…show more content…
As noted above the moral skills consist of kindness, care, and ethics which are perfect examples of moral skills. These are great skills because each of them are qualities of good people. In today’s society, there are a number of people that have lost their way and are simply mean people. They show no signs of kindness, care, or empathy and instead show anger, hate, and pessimism. Of the three skills that I agree with the most are kindness and care. Any sign of a good person is the ability to care for someone. The reason I think these are the most important are because situations to use these skills show up every day. One of my favorite things at DeSales was the fact that everyone holds doors for anyone. It does not matter if you are a freshmen holding the door for a senior, or a teacher holding the door for freshmen. At DeSales everyone is equal and holding a door for someone is simple but effective way to show kindness and care. The final moral skill empathy, is a more situational skill. There are not as many options during the course of the day that a person can show the skill of empathy. However, having the ability to comfort someone during a tough time really makes people stick out from a crowd. Having the ability to use and harness these three skills is important attribute that all wise people and society should know and
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