Summary Letter To Bartolome De Las Casas

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Dear Bartolome de las Casas,

I have read your The Devastation of the Indies, and I want you to know that I share the same sentiments with you. I am in deep sorrow because of the cruelty and violence directed to Indians, and such a behavior deserves nothing but condemnation and censure. I have devoted three years to the work of restoring Christianity in Western India, because I believe that people have to know about Christ (Knight, 2012). I support your claim that Natives are constantly cheated and betrayed by their conquerors (La Casas, 1552, p. 31). Further, I am greatly appalled with how families commit suicide together in despair because of the actions of the Spanish. Life is given by Christ not to be annihilated outright.

I partly agree
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Even if I admit that some of my converts are abused and persecuted, it would be unfair to say that such abuse and persecution is all because of the Spanish Christians. Though you have intended that your story will rouse emotions, it is also vital that you have made the account more reliable, only if you did not avoid integral details in proving you claim.

If in any case you want to talk to me privately about this matter, I will gladly oblige to do so.


Francis Xavier


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