Bartolome De Las Casas Speech Analysis

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This source was written in 1542, and this speech was given to the people of the country of Spain. The Martolome De Las Casas, the lord Prince of Spains don Felipe gave this speech to the people. Giving this speech, the Prince shows how horrid the idea of the Christians killing and destroying the Indies. The Christians represent the English and the Indies are the Indians. The Christians invaded North America and stole the Indians’ gold, food, and killed a multitude of them: “The cause for which the Christians have slain and destroyed so many and such infinite numbers of souls, has been simply to get, as their ultimate end, the Indians’ gold of them, and to stuff themselves with riches in a very few days, and to raise themselves to high estates... owing to the insatiable greed and ambition that they have had, which has been greater than any the world has ever seen before” (2 Bartolome De Las Casas).…show more content…
The first being unjust, cruel, bloody, and tyrannical warfare. The other after having slain all those who might yearn toward or suspire after or think of freedom, or consider escaping from the torments that they are made to suffer,...” (2 Bartolomee De Las Casas). This ideal displays the fact that England’s Christianity defense is unjust; killing people to steal their money and taking away their freedom is unlawful and
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