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The Baryonyx was 10m long(32.8 feet) and was over 2 tons. Each claw was 6 inchs long and the long claw was 1ft long and was on the thumb. Baryonyx means heavy claw in greek. Baryonyx was discovered in 1983 by william walker. That was just some of the fact about the Baryonyx. There 's more to learn about this magnificent dinosaur and where it lived. The baryonyx ate fish like the Igdabatis,Anomoeodus,Aulolepis and etc. and also young Iguanodons. The baryonyx fossil had fossilised fish skeletons and Iguanodons fossil in it’s stomach and in it’s dung. It lived in what’s now europe and it used to be a peninsula in the atlantic ocean. It lived in wetlands,lakes,rivers,and streams. Some fossil were found 30 miles away from london england. Cardin dating sites the baryonyx 125million -100 million years ago.…show more content…
The baryonyx and Suchomimus are similar but different. Baryonyx had no sail and Suchomimus had a small back sail. Paleontologist think that Suchomimus used it sail for fishing and cooling and paleontologist think that Baryonyx use a tree shade to fish or a shaded place to cool down. Paleontologist decided to name the dinosaur Baryonyx because of it’s big heavy claw.The two paleontologist who named Baryonyx were Angela C. Milner and Alan J. Charig. Baryonyx is in a class of dinosaurs called

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