Summative Lab: Base Jumping Experiment

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Ernest Tang 8E (16) Base Jumping Science Summative Lab

Research Question:
How does the drop height of (4.5m ,5m ,5.5m,6m and 6.5m) affect the drop time of the base jumping experiment? This is to see if my parachute works safely. I would record the time of the fall and see if it would be too fast. If it takes less time to land when released at a higher point, this means that the parachute is not safe.

If the drop height is higher, than the drop time would be longer. It is because the longer it takes the more time for the parachute to fall from a higher place, travel a longer distance.
(Primary Sources: Andrew Winebarger, youtube, How to make a toy parachute, 2008. ) (Secondary Sources:Yahoo Answers.)


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The points were not straight at all and it was a 0.49. (Supposedly, 1 is the best.) It was crooked and some parts it went down instead of the regular up.
Unusual Data:
The data was unsteady and to be honest, there was no range. That is why there is no unusual data (almost all data was unusual), mainly because the experiment was done poorly.
My research is: (Primary Sources: Andrew Winebarger, youtube, How to make a toy parachute, 2008. ) (Secondary Sources:Yahoo Answers.)
In my data, you could see that the 5.5 m drop took longer than 6m drop. However, I highly doubt that as I don’t believe my experiment is all that reliable (In the 5.5m fall, the parachute did hit the brick line which definitely would affect the drop time). Even though I did the 3x5 trials, however, my experiment had a lot of problems, that is why I suspect the reliability.

Validity Of Method:
My method was greatly written as I wrote 2 parts, making it more clear. Also, the extra little steps I added made it even more detailed and easier to understand. However, I could also include the variables. Next time I should add the variables in it.
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4.5m, 5m and 5.5m are way too low. I could barely open the parachute at this height. Also, my parachute should be smaller, it was really hard opening something that big. Also, I should keep my parachute in better state or make one or 2 extra ones with exactly the same material following the method described above. After a few trials, it was all wrinkled and broken with holes. I needed to add extra tape to stabilize it. Therefore making it heavier and less efficient. Also, I need better materials, at first I wanted to use a scale, however it was too small and the parachute could not land exactly on the spot. Next time, I will use a bigger scale so the parachute can land on the spot. Finally, I need a partner to help me with those tricky
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