Baseball Cap Narrative

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The Baseball Cap Hello, I’m Paul. It was September 1st. In four days it was going to be my 13th Birthday!! All I wanted for my Birthday was a pair of shoes, some toys, and most important, going to see a baseball game. My dad said he could take me to go see the San Diego Padres game against the San Francisco Giants. We have lived in San Diego for four years now after we moved from Raleigh, North Carolina. We moved because there was a job opening here and the Headquarters Building was here in San Diego. I had received a Padres baseball cap when I first moved here. My Grandfather Russel had played for the Padres back in the day. It meant a lot to me since it was the only memory I had of him. He passed away when I was about 1 ½ so I don’t remember…show more content…
That was a pancake restaurant that had been around since my dad was young. I always wanted to go there because of their dreamy, warm, buttermilk pancakes. After I finished my delightful 5 pancakes, it was time to open the presents. My mother, Carey, had got me the coolest blue and grey Nike shoes! Perfect for the game! My dad bought me the most fantastic remote control helicopter ever!! Now it was time for the Baseball game!
We were finally on our way to the game and we stopped to get gas. I was wearing my old, beat up, worn down Padres hat. We were almost at the stadium and my dad said “If you go to get food, be safe.” I took it like any other advice my dad gave me and let it slip out of my brain like goo. I later felt angry that I didn’t listen because for what happened, I needed it.
I was in the stadium getting my favorite, a ballpark hotdog, when a few older kids started approaching me quickly. A taller kid with Brown, Slicked back hair had asked me “Hey kid, where did you get that hat?” I immediately answered back “why does it matter to you?” And I’ll admit it had a bit of tone to it but not enough for him to do
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