Baseball Compare And Contrast Essay

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Baseball and football are different. Yes, both sports play on unique field dimensions, scoring, and time systems. But the managers, players, and fans truly give these two sports their identities most associate with them.
To start, the personalities and attitude of the coaches (or managers) follow established norms for each sport. Baseball managers are strange, off-the-wall, characters that chew tobacco or seed and can appear unconscious as they watch the games with their arms folded from their respective dugouts. Football coaches can be intellectual innovators or passionate motivators. Some are even labeled genius. They stand on the sideline at times and scream, “Are you kidding me!” or, “What the hell!” Although both coaches and managers spend an enormous amount of time arguing with the referees or umpires, they approach it differently. Baseball managers are masters of arguing with umpires. They have turned it into an art, whether it’s stealing second base to kicking dirt on the umpire. On the other hand, football coaches are much calmer while arguing with referees. They may make comments to the referee throughout the game, but rarely do they go kick dirt and pull grass from the field.
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Baseball players tend to be more approachable then football players. For example, in Kansas City, after the Royals won the 2014 wild-card play in game, a few of the players went to the power and light district to celebrate with the fans. It would be very rare indeed to see the Chief players socialize with fans in that manner. Curiously, baseball and football have opposing views on players’ use of performance enhancing drugs. In baseball, the use of PEDs is seen as ruining the integrity of the game and betraying the fans. In football, PEDs are met with indifference and is simply seen as a reason a player gained more then ten pounds in the
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