Baseball Great Literary Structure

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In the book Baseball Great, the author, Tim Green told the story from the main characters point of view. That helped build suspense because it showed what was going on inside his mind with all the adversity going on with his baseball team and with his dad losing his job and how he overcomes it. He also used used plot structure to engage the reader by having many unexpected events happen to make the ending very suspenseful and unpredictable. For example," 'I tried, Garry. ' Dallas Said. 'I 'm sorry, Its all over. ' (Green 17)" That was when Joshes dad got fired from his professional baseball team when he had been doing very good and expected to get moved up to the majors but he got cut and was left without a job and no one to make money to support the family. Another, " 'Josh doesn 't need to make your team, he not playing, '(Green 34) " In the book Josh moved to a school that was traditional very bad at baseball, and now that josh moved their they were getting excited and hoping for their first ever city championship. Then at the first tryout Joshes dad unexpectedly came and forced him to quit the team,…show more content…
In the book Pinch Hit the author used point of view to keep the reader interested by switching off the point of view to give the reader a good idea of what was happening to both characters. He also kept you reading by switching over to the next character in the middle of a big event to make you want to keep reading. For example, "McKenna appeared with both thumbs up.(Green17)" and, "Trevor shut his eyes and swung.(Green 54)" Lastly, "He clenched his jaw and reared back.(Green 150)" Those are just some examples about how almost every chapter ends before it switches to the next character making you want to keep reading and find out what happens. He also put in a lot of very action packed suspenseful scenes in the rising action and climax. Then, the resolution and climax all happened very quickly in the last chapter with Sam being picked into the USC Elite
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