Baseball In My Life

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The Life of Ball There are certain things in a young person’s life that captivate their attention as they grow and develop. We call this life. However, there are many different things for each individual, for me baseball is one of them. From the game itself to the events that lead up, baseball has caused a sense of maturity, responsibility, and confidence that helped shape who I am today. On a warm and steamy summer day in the year of 2006, I went to a park and picked up a baseball for the first time, little did I know that small ball with tiny red stitches would forever impact my life. Shortly after turning eight years old, I decided to sign up for the local recreational team as a catcher. At first, I didn 't know how to swing a bat,…show more content…
This came with a great deal of trust from my parents, as I would drive two hours almost every day to practices and games. I ended up becoming the ace pitcher, and lead-off hitter for his Fellowship of Christian Athletes team. That ended up playing a critical role in getting us to a few championships. From playing with the FCA team I gained an increase in maturity, self confidence, and a better sense of my surroundings. For example, I needed to be mature to drive all the way to the city alone, and with this came a great deal of responsibility. In time my teammates and the support of my friends and family made me aware of just how much I could accomplish when I set my mind to it. As with a better sense of my surroundings, that came with the game of baseball. Overall, baseball taught me important skills that will last a lifetime. (From pitching on this team came an increase in maturity, confidence in my abilities, and a better sense of my surroundings, as I learned how to control the game of baseball. Through baseball I became more social, became confident in my abilities, and developed leadership skills that will last a
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