Baseball Is America's Pastime

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Everybody knows about baseball, but nobody, knows anything about cricket. Baseball is America’s Pastime, but why is that? Cricket the game, started in England, and is the first sport to be played with a ball and bat. Cricket started play about Fifty years before organized baseball. Both associations have said the two games are totally different sports, but with so many similari-ties in the games, it is hard to argue that Baseball, was not started from Cricket. Too many indi-viduals who have said that American’s stole the game of Cricket from the English and made it their own. Americans changed some of the terminology of the game, and equipment used while playing the sport, it is hard not to disagree with that. So, should baseball keep calling…show more content…
And in cricket the bat is flat on a side and in baseball the bat is round. While in cricket, the score are always in the hundreds point range. The reason for that is, all the players in cricket get to bat in the inning, and in baseball they are usually in the single digit scores because the teams is limited to three outs per inning. And in baseball a player has a glove on a hand to help them catch the ball, when it is hit at them, and in cricket the only player that has a glove is the wicket keeper. In baseball the wicket keeper is called a catcher. When the bowler in cricket throws the ball, he is able to bounce it off the ground, to make it harder for the batsman to hit the ball. And in baseball the pitcher tries to throw the ball past the hitter by making ball the move, as the batter swings at the ball. Cricket has a round field that a batter try’s to hit the ball to any place in field, while trying to avoid hit-ting the ball to a fielder. And in baseball the field is shaped in a diamond. The field has mark-ings, for boundaries. In baseball a game lasts only a few hours. Cricket has only two innings, but the games could possibly last for several days.
In conclusion, to the comparisons. Both games do have some things in common, but al-so have a lot more distinctive things, about each game that make them so, unique. And both have been expanding to all parts of the world. Both generate huge amount revenue, to make every player wealthy. And with the massive new stadiums begin built, more fans of the games, get to see their favorite teams. But in the end both games are just made for enjoyment for anyone and everybody to play or to
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