Baseball Metaphor Of Poverty In The US

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The American economic system can be defined by a baseball metaphor. The wealthy would begin the game at third base ready to rush home with a decent hit. The second and first base are filled with the middle class, far from the home plate, but still within reach. Finally, the lower class is stuck on the benches waiting for their chance to hit. There is no guarantee that the poor will cross the home plate. Although Poverty in the U.S. is minor compared to countries like Niger, Haiti, Yemen, and many more, 14.5% of our population is still living under the poverty line. This might be a small number against other countries, but compared to our immense economy, 48 million Americans under poverty is an enormous number. Within the 48 million, 22% (16 million) are children…show more content…
2015). My claim is to provide an explanation on how poverty affects American students and their education. One out of every 18th person in the U.S. still lives under the poverty line (Bishwa A. 2012). A big reason why many Americans are dropping down to the lower class is due to divorce, and getting laid off, as factories upgrade their competition, and stock prices by relocating jobs overseas. So how does low income affect their children's? Poor, urban, and rural students will most likely lack resources resulting in inequality from the wealthy students. Many high schools now require students to have a computer at home to check their daily assignments, grades, and peer reviews. With families under the poverty line, making roughly $23,000 a year, it would be difficult for them to decide if their child should get a computer or should the money go toward food. Low income students lacking technology at home would constantly miss assignments and important notification from teachers. It would also be difficult for students

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