Baseball Narrative Essay

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Baseball Narrative In 1985 the Royals took the crown against the Saint Louis Cardinals in the World Series, and it happened again in 2015 against the New York Mets. On a breezy night in November, my family was watching game 5 of the World Series. Throughout innings 1-5 nobody had scored yet, so the score, I guess, was looking alright. “Kaylea guess what!” my dad exclaimed. “What?” I answered. I was downstairs getting some popcorn for a very good night. When I was walking back up to the room, something else happened “NOOO! The Mets scored a run!” my parents said together.” After my dad and I had this huge fight with my dad and the T.V, I sat down with my popcorn and I said to myself, “We can definitely win against the Mets and we almost…show more content…
When he went downstairs to go get his phone, he had already been watching the game and we knew he knew how to use it. After a while we let him watch the game to get him back to his happy side we confronted to him. “Dad” I mentioned. “Yes, Kaylea” my dad exclaimed. “Mom and I pranked you, but we never realized it had to go this far where you would be learning and probably ‘breaking’ your phone” we apologized. We all went upstairs and my mom and I had already started to fix the T.V cords so he would watch it on the 60’ and not on his small little phone. After we had fixed the phone it was almost the end of the game just by telling at the score and I couldn’t believe it - we technically had won the World Series! At about 11:00-12:00, fireworks were being shot up forever and I was so tired that I could fall asleep hanging upside down. But I realized, that my head would probably be hurting so much because all the blood would be rushing to my head as fast as possible. “I can’t believe that we won the World Series!” my dad yelled, he was as happy as could be. “This night couldn’t have gone
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