Baseball Rules Research Paper

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Baseball is different than any other sport ever played. Baseball does not have a play clock that controls how the sport is played. The play clock only controls the pace of the game not when the game stops or continues. Baseball is the only sport where the defense controls the ball. Baseball, unlike other sports, substantially depends on the strategy of the coach and the players. No one can just pick up a bat and be good at baseball; in other sports including: football, basketball, or soccer, it is effortless to pick up the sport and start playing it. One of the main rules of baseball is that there is no play clock. The so called "play clock" only sets the pace of the game. In theory one game of baseball can not last any longer than nine hours. The official rule book of the MLB (Major League Baseball) quotes, "A modified version of Rule 8.04, which discourages unnecessary delays by the pitcher, shall apply. Rule 8.04 requires the pitcher to deliver the ball to the batter within 12 seconds after he receives the ball with the bases unoccupied. The penalty prescribed by Rule 8.04 for a pitcher's violation of the Rule is that the umpire shall call 'Ball'." The pitcher controls the pace of the entire game. Every pitcher in the MLB has a different timing of their windup. According to…show more content…
Strategy can be a deciding factor whether the team wins or loses. Understanding strategy in baseball is also another key of winning in baseball. If the coach or one of the players can read what plays the coach is calling then the defense can set up and counter that play call. An ability to see how the defense is playing is also another factor that comes with experience. As a hitter he or she needs to know how the offense is lined up so they know where to place the ball when they hit. Being able to read a defense can help out within the entire
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