Baseball Vs Football Rhetorical Analysis

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When watching or playing different sports it opens up the eyes of noticing the differences of the rules and cultures of that sport, and George Carlin made it coherent when comparing baseball and football. In the passage “Baseball vs. Football” the comedian George Carlin “enjoys comparing” the two sports – football and baseball by utilizing a bias tone, diction, and syntax. Using these rhetorical devices it characterizes baseball as a more favorable sport compared to football.
When talking about baseball George Carlin used syntax by using a lot of exclamation points, giving the sport an uplifting feeling when the reader reads it. For example, the last few sentences of the passage state “In baseball the object is to go home! And to be safe! – I hope I will be safe at home!” The constant use of the exclamations gives the position that baseball is a thrilling sport. As for when describing football, Carlin overly use of periods and commas made football seem a lot less important and a drag compared to baseball, giving that bias feeling that football is not equitable when being compared to baseball. When using syntax it compares the two sports in a positive and negative way.
In the passage, George Carlin use of diction simplify the differences between football and baseball. George Carlin starts the comparisons off with
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An example of tone used was when Carlin characterizes baseball and football with its season; “baseball begins in the spring, the season of new life. Football begins in the fall when everything’s dying.” This gives a great comparison between the two using tone, when reading you can depict the author’s attitude towards the two sports. He does this by comparing the sport’s seasons to the sport by using the words “new life” and “dying” giving his opinion on the works. The author’s tone made it seem as if baseball is an auspicious sport and football as a dangerous, terrifying
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