Basic Characteristics Of Computer Software

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Computer software is a program or application that been used in computer. All software is design and develops by software developer. Software developer use high level language to develop software that is known as programming language. According to John Y. Hsu (2001) computer software is a program that tells a computer what to do. These instructions might be internal commands, such as updating the system clock, or a response to external input received from the keyboard or mouse. Despite the fact that there are various sorts of programming made both with open source and restrictive guidelines, the programming generally comes down to a couple of essential standards. The first type of computer software is system software. System software is programs that are responsible to manage and to operate computer hardware as well as to provide mechanism for the functioning of application software. System software ensures that operations such as saving data on hard disk and transferring data to CD-ROM. According to Mirzamani (2011), basic characteristics of system software are, it is general-purpose software, manage the computer resources, the number of system software is less than application software and for the computer to work, it is depend on the system software. System software on the other hand could be divided into operating system, utility software and language translators. Operating system is the system that manages the interface between application and computer hardware as well
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