Basic Characteristics Of Ying And Yang And Yang And Dang Theory

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In the Taoists perspective, all the things in nature are results of the opposition and complementation of yin and yang which are manifestation of Qi, in other words the energy. Therefore, all the things could only be real if they are in relation with something else. This means that everything that it is real can be described and explained with the Yin and Yang theory. Basic characteristics of Ying and Yang: Ying represents the passive energy Yang represents the active energy Ying and Yang are interdependent: Ying and Yang cannot exist without the other, and if there exist an unbalance there can be serious problems. In the Chinese medicine it is believed that the body have their internal balance of Ying and Yang. Therefore, if there is a problem with the body which can either be an illness problem or an emotion problem, it means that there is a deficiency or abundance of either yin or yang. Thus, in Chinese medicine practitioners’ objective is to determine what is causing the unbalance in order to return the balance to the body with different Chinese methods such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, cupping etc. However the person has to reach balance not only by these method but by changing their lifestyle into a better one. Ying and Yang are always changing: However, yin and yang cannot always be in perfect balance, because they are always moving, and changing, and adjusting each other in order to be have a mutual consumption and support. This means that yin and

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