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Basic Christianity is a crucial foundation that must be deeply entrenched within the hearts and minds of believers. The essential and basic principles aid every Christian by showing and teaching them how great God’s love is for us. In John Stott’s Book, “Basic Christianity,” he reveals insight on what it is to be a Christian. He also dispels many erroneous teachings that have been brought into the Christian community. Stott states in the beginning of his book that many have held the assumption that God sits on His throne, aloof, distant, and unconcerned for our needs and problems (Stott, pg. 17). The fact that these people are unaware of is that God took the initiative and acted first as seen in Genesis 1:1, where it states ”In the beginning God….” This clearly shows that God in His omnipotence took time to create you, me, and everything in existence today. It is also stated in Genesis 1, God formed us in His image and breathed into us the breathe of “LIFE”; therefore a part of the Almighty is in the fibers of our being. Seeing that part of Him was separated, He sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins to redeem the relationship that once was. Jesus Christ is a man who has baffled and transformed the new age with his life and legacy. The question arose if He is just a man? Many speculated that He was just a prophet who was profoundly inspired with scriptural revelation. The truth is that He actually is the Son of God and everything he did reflected that of the Father, the

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