Basic Life Skill Classes Essay

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Taking Basic Life Skill Classes

Taking basic life skill classes in high school is an ideal way to prepare students for living on their own. These classes not only help prepare students for living on their own, but also gives them a feeling of confidence in their abilities. A survey of 165,000 students found that only forty-six percent felt confident and positive about their readiness for college and their careers (Leal). Academic classes do help prepare students for the coursework college brings, but it does not help students face the reality of life after high school. Students sit in classes like physics, English, chemistry, and math that have little to no use outside of school. Ideal, basic life skill classes include home economics courses, personal finance classes, and automotive classes.

The purpose of home economics courses is to teach cooking, basic sewing, general health, and household management.
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In the United States, only five states require students to take a personal finance class. These states include Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, and Utah (Berman). Most students do not know the basics of building good credit, avoiding debt, and paying bills. More and more students have begun relying on student loans to cover the cost of their college education. Schools are not the only place not providing financial advice. When parents and children talk, parents are more likely to talk about alcohol and drugs to their children instead of finances. Personal finance classes will help students have a better idea on how to properly take out loans and how to not take out more money than needed. With schools providing a required personal finance course, students will know more about paying bills, building good credit, saving their money, paying taxes, and having a fund for
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