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Introduction: When a snowboard is “waxed” this means that performance grade ski wax is melted by a hot iron onto the base of the snowboard and spread out evenly. This wax fills the tiny cuts and scraps of the polyethylene base, that snow tends to stick to, and creates a smooth surface. This helps protect the base of the snowboard from being worn and makes the board glide over snow easier. The purpose of this guide is to instruct beginner level snowboarders how to apply wax to the base of their snowboards. Learning how to perform these basic steps will not only increase the longevity and performance of your board. List of Materials: -Ski Wax -Wax Iron -Scrap Paper/Tarp -Scraper Instructions: Step 1: Setting Up Your Waxing Station •…show more content…
Be sure to place your board on an even and sturdy surface so that during the process of waxing them they do not fall or flip. Also, make sure there is a power outlet close enough to were you place your board, so that you have plenty of slack when you plug in your iron. If you are waxing your board inside your home, I suggest laying down either scrap paper or a tarp underneath your station. Later on, you will be dripping hot wax on the base of the board that can be very difficult to get out of carpet or off a hard wood floor if

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