Taking A Look At Vascular And Cardiothoracic Surgery

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Furthermore, it has very little tissue reaction and usually use in Vascular and Cardiothoracic surgery.

Stainless steel materials are the strongest suture materials that are available in surgical practice. It is a monofilament suture with great knot security. It has very little tissue reaction and would not support infection [2]. However, it is very difficult to handle stainless steel materials and they could cut through tissues. It is commonly used for sternotomy closure.

Chiefly, basic knot tying is also important in basic surgery, the knot is what holds the suture in place. For the motive of ensuring greater knot security, each type of suture and each thread gauge have their own means of knot-tying [1]. The knot must be tied
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Therefore, it is important to choose the perfect suture patterns and techniques for different type of tissues. Simple interrupted, horizontal mattress and vertical mattress suture patterns are usually done on the skin. Simple continuous suture can be done on subcutaneous tissue. Fascias are usually sutured with simple continuous, simple interrupted and also vertical mattress. Apart from that, vessels are usually sutured with simple interrupted and simple continuous suture. Therefore, it is important to mention that the correct suture techniques should be carried out on the specific tissues indicated. This is to ensure good outcome and quick wound…show more content…
Some of us intend to take this path as our career in the future. As for me, I am still keeping my options open whether in choosing medicine or surgery for my future career. However, after completing a semester of this special study module under the guidance of Dr Mary McCumiskey, it opened my eyes to surgical practice.

Overall, it was a very good experience for me as a student to be exposed to this field. I believe that all the specific aims that we outlined in the beginning of our module have been achieved. Some of the objectives are to be familiar with basic suturing techniques, be familiar with emergencies during surgery and resuscitation method and also get an insight into the academic research around surgery.

A lot of hours spent in the classroom every week just to master ourselves with the basic suturing techniques. We are exposed to simple suture, horizontal mattress, vertical mattress sutures and few others as well. Dr McCumiskey guided us every week with different types of technique. She taught us the right way to hold the needle holder and the proper way to load the needle, which is one of the important basic skills. We managed to achieve our objectives for every week and this gave us a sense of satisfaction and

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