Basic Wolf Stereotypes

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Idea 1: The sun has sunk low beyond the distance casting dying rays across the dead lands. All that remains are us- Those who were cursed by this terrible plague turning us into horrible feral creatures of the night. We lurk in the shadows, unable to return to the remaining humans who have condemned us, searching for a cure - A way to return things to the way they used to be. When things were normal, when things were fine. Background - A illness has spread to various humans causing them to turn into werewolf like abominations, forced out of society, they now live in fear of the people they once called kin and seek refuge amongst themselves. Warnings - Angst, Character death, gore, intense themes, trigger warnings, modern setting, potential 20th century setting, werewolves…show more content…
Basic wolf pack which revolves around a prophecy that relies on a group of five to six wolves. These wolves have been tasked to find a new home, their journey taking them to the literal edge of the world. With the world splitting in two with the weight of human-centric destruction, the remaining wolves who have survived the downfall of a once oddly powerful race, must now find a new home. With nothing left to hold them back, they travel in hopes of finding not only a home, but other wolves who will allow them peace among their
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