Basics Of Tourism In Malaysia

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Without tourist attractions, there would be no tourism. Malaysia is one of the worlds attractive travel destinations. There are many types of tourism in Malaysia to attract the oversea traveling around this country. Multicultural and multiracial population, historical places and natural resources can be the attractions and strong fundamentals of Malaysia.
Malaysia had a gorgeous colorful history. Hundreds of years ago, Malaysia had being a part of the international spice. Malaysia also has a multicultural and multiracial population which consists of Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous indigenous peoples. These are the reason that make Malaysia having mix culture from different race as one of the attraction and strong fundamental of tourism.
First, culture. Arts and crafts is one part of the culture, it are colorful and rich as its multicultural background. Batik is one of the popular arts and crafts from Terengganu and Kelantan. It are more resistant to wear compare with those of painted or printed fabrics. Wayang Kulit is another popular arts which can experience in Kelantan. Puppet master skillfully manipulates puppet with the background music. Festivals is also one part of the culture. Malaysia multicultural community make calendar are more colorful with bright festivals. Foreign tourists can observe and enjoy various festivals in Malaysia. Hari Raya, is celebrated by Malaysian Muslims every year. Most of the Muslim families open up their homes to celebrate the

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