Basil Johnson's The People Named The Chippewa

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His song becomes a medicine to Lulu. It is also a healer to Fleur. His songs are a link between the physical and metaphysical in the Chippewa culture. It is established through the medium of language. In Basil Johnson’s opinion about Chippewa songs: It is a way of reviving the unity among the natives. It connects man to man, man to the spiritual world, man to nature. In The People Named the Chippewa, Gerald Vizennor notes that “Tribal words have power in the oral tradition; the sounds express the spiritual energies of woodland lives . . . The poetic images were held, for some tribal families, in song pictures and in the rhythms of visions and dreams in music: timeless and natural patterns of seeming and knowing the energies of the earth” (1984:
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