Origin Of Homosexuality

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Homosexuality is defined as the sexual relationships between members of the same biological sex. Typically, it stands for social relationships between men, while lesbianism stands for relationships between women (Collins Dictionary Of Sociology, 2006). Recognizing one’s sexual orientation is an integral process that can happen throughout the whole life (Floyd and Bakeman, 2013). Origin of homosexuality is always debated. Kahn (1995) thinks that homosexuality is affected by upbringing of one, while Rosario (2002) thinks that one’s sexuality is genetically determined. . . It is a contentious issue that whether homosexuality is due to nurture or nature. . . This paper attempts to show that homosexuality is mainly due to nature. . There are few…show more content…
There is one thing to be noted is that some people who carry genes contributed to homosexuality may not necessarily have those genes switching on at any specific time. It means that the sexual orientation is a personal attribute instead of changing over time. Those genes that are related to homosexuality may be activated by a person’s cultural experiences (Ellis & Blanchard, 2001). If a hypothesis is made that everyone has a biological tendency toward sexual orientation and further developing in the whole life no matter how was the growing environment, biological determination is the only answer to what make a person become homosexual. It is undeniable that the tendency for homosexuality may not be shown in the early age, but the genes may be triggered by external factors such as life experiences and the environment (Balswick, 2008). However, a possible genetic basis has been established by several studies for sexuality. The most convincing evidence that human sexual orientation has a biological basis is…show more content…
They provide another convincing evidence for the genetic origin of sexuality. They reviewed extant literature about homosexual behaviors in species other than human. As mentioned in their research, different continua influence the nature of the behaviors and is similar to those occur among humans. When focusing on animals sexual behavior, Sommer and Vasey discovered that quite a number of species’ behaviors are consistent with which homosexual behaviors appear within animals. One of the examples is the behavior of bonobos for free-flowing movement from heterosexual to homosexual (Sommer & Vasey, 2006). It matches with the hypothesis of which homosexuality is an innate or original element of individuals. Another part of literature is talking about homosexual practices occur in animals, others may have questions about if the data can truly support that these practices are not just strange and occasional acts. Critics think that the researchers do not have a full understanding in their observation:“ Those biologists are mixing the drive for dominance with the sex drive (Hannah & Beraman, 2002)”. Others will hold a different view is that even if it is natural for animals to have homosexual behaviors, “natural” does not necessarily carry positive meaning. A simple example is infanticide engaged by animals, which is universally reprehensible in human

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