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The best way to utilize your summer vacation is to attend a girls ' basketball camp. In the camp, you will not only learn the essentials of the game, but you will also get an opportunity to sharpen up your skills, work on your strengths and root out your weaknesses. During the off-season, innumerable basketball camps spring up. When lots of options are available, it becomes difficult to make a reasonably good choice. You want the best for yourself, and you also don 't want to waste your precious time in assessing each and every option. To make things relatively easy for you, we have compiled a list of factors that should be taken into consideration while choosing a base-camp. Let 's take a look at these important factors.

Type- What kind of girls basketball camp do you wish to join? There are college prep, intro, team, elite, position, and shooting and attack camps. You should select the camp depending upon type of skills you want to learn or improve. For instance, if you want to focus upon how to play at a specific position, then a position basketball camp would be appropriate for you. Likewise, if you want to become a top-class player, then elite camp would be the best for you.
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Location- If the camp is too far away from your home, you would have to stay at the camp-site during the training period. On the contrary, if the camp is close by, you can attend it while staying in your home. If you stay in the camp throughout the season, you get a chance to learn how to interact, coordinate and cooperate with all the campers. Cooperation and coordination with the team members is an important aspect of basketball.
Cost- Joining a girls basketball camp is a costly proposition. Together with the program fee, you would have to deal with liability insurance and various other camp expenses. Hence, compare the expenses with the benefits of attending a camp; this will help you to make a better choice and that too within your budget.

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