Basketball Cheer: Differences Between Football And Basketball

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Football Cheer and Basketball Cheer The crowd is screaming, sweat is dripping, and the cheerleaders are cheering. All of which happen at both football and basketball games. The past four years I have been a cheerleader for both sports. There are many differences between football and basketball cheer. As a cheerleader, stunting is a big part of what happens at sporting events. At a football game we are only allowed to perform two stunts. Whereas in basketball, we have the ability to do six stunts in one night. There are more stunting opportunities in basketball cheer. The crowd for basketball and football are very different. At a basketball game there is a larger, more attractive student section than there is at a football game. The student section at basketball games are also more active than they are at football games. At football games there are more outside community members that come to support the team, so what a football game lacks in school support they gain in community support. Although at both football and basketball games, it is the cheerleaders job to pump up the crowd and it is easier to do so at basketball games.…show more content…
In football, the cheerleaders cheer on the track right in front of the stands. They also have to endure rain, sleet, or any other weather that comes with nature during football season. Whereas in basketball, the games are inside the gym. During basketball games, the cheerleaders stand off to the side of the stands. While cheering for basketball, the cheerleaders do not have to worry about the weather because they are inside, which is nice when it is winter. Basketball and football are similar in that there is something I would change about both, whether that is location or weather I would change
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