Basketball History Essay

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Did you know that when basketball was first invented there was no hoop, you had to shoot the ball into a peach basket? The main point of my essay is to tell how history has affected basketball and how it has changed. Basketball has gone through many changes over time, such as the basketball hoop, the teams, and the ball.
The history of how basketball hoops worked in the past has affected them in the modern day. Basketball hoops used to be just a peach basket, but the peach basket was a problem because after every hoop somebody had to get the ball out of the basket. According to Hoop tactics they made heavy woven wire rims in 1992, and after that came cast iron rims in 1993. Then people began to realize they needed something to block the ball from hitting the fans so they made backboards. According to Hoop Tactics Many years later in 1912 nylon nets were
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According to Hoop tactics at the beginning of basketball they did not have their own ball, instead they used soccer balls. Then in 1894 the first ball was manufactured by a bicycle company. According to Hoop Tactics in the late 1890s Spalding became the official ball maker for basketball. In 1905 the choice of which basketball was used was the team’s decision. In 1929 the basketball was redesigned to make them easier to dribble, the balls were also easier to handle because they were bigger and lighter. In 1942 the molded basketballs took over because they could keep their shapes much better than the stitched basketballs. Today the basketballs differ in size between men’s and women’s balls, the men’s has a 30’ circumference and the women’s has a 29’ circumference (this is full size basketball).
In conclusion, Basketball has changed very dramatically over more than 100 years, these changes have changed the game and how we play it and it has become more and more popular. Basketball has changed by the ball, the team, and the hoop because of many different
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