Personal Narrative: Cooperation In Basketball

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Training Lesson 1:
Cooperation: I used the interpersonal skill cooperation by still participating in the basketball lesson even though I forgot my PE gear and had to wear my uniform. This helped my team use the time better as we had everyone doing the drills so we had an even number of players. It also helped us bond as a team for our first training session. Next time I will continue to cooperate with my team so that we get more training in and so we continue to bond as a team. I will do this by bringing my gear to every practice and game. Fairplay: I used the interpersonal skill fair play by giving the ball to Laura because she hadn’t had a shot on goal even though I only had one and wanted to practice shooting some more. This benefitted my team as we all had turns shooting and this means that we will be stronger as a team when it comes to the playoffs.
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The benefit for my team was that we learnt more about the skills we needed to use to get better at basketball like passing and dribbling as a team and communicating more about where we were on the court. Next time I will continue to participate in the game by passing to my teammates and dribbling the ball to the other end of the court. Fairplay: I used the interpersonal skill fair play by telling the ref that I stepped without dribbling the ball even though the other team got a free pass because of it. Because of this, my team followed my example and we played a fair and clean game. Even when we were losing we played fair and I think that this made everyone feel better about the game when it was over. Next time I will continue to be a fair player by not getting mad if a call doesn’t go my way and instead knowing that the ref might’ve seen something that I hadn’t and knows what’s best for the
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