Personal Narrative: My High School Basketball Team

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The sheer shriek of the whistle sounded over the silence of the gym.
“Everyone on the line; 8 and 30!” Coach McMahon roared from the top of his lungs like a mountain lion.
We sulked to the line for the cruelest of all punishments; this is only the beginning of my high school basketball career. Our first practice we did the usual most teams do on the first day; we learned plays, got conditioned, and gained chemistry with teammates. The first day down and many more to come for this ‘learning experience’ of a season. Once the season got rolling and we got closer to our first game I was getting really excited and anxious to finally compete against other teams. The day came for our first game against Benton Community and we actually played better than
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I was putting in the work at practice, getting lots of reps in at point guard, and really getting to know the sets better. Then Gavin got hurt and a part of me wad down because he was getting on a roll and helping the team win but the competitive side of me was thinking that now is my chance to make my mark and to get some varsity minutes. We played Maquoketa and I didn’t get in the game. Little down about that and the fact that we lost to Maquoketa who we beat last time by more than 25 points, but it was there freshman who punched us in the stomach when he mad a last second shot to beat us by one. Gavin was back the next day at practice and my spirit was dead. I’m thinking I’m not gonna ever get playing time so why bother caring so much and putting in all this energy when I could be helping the sophomore team that I actually play on. So over the course of the next week I didn’t really care as much about knowing everything for varsity and I still worked hard at practice but I could’ve given more. During, this ‘outburst’ the varsity games were closer than what they should be and the starters weren’t scoring as well or playing as
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