Basketball Observation Essay

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Observation of People Doing Exercises
I started attending the In-Shape gym a short time ago and since my topic is based largely on this area of health sport, I decided to make my observation at this gym, trying to observe as much details as possible, how people treat the sport for themselves and whether or not they like exercising. In addition to attending this academy, I also visited my school 's basketball gym, Northgate High School, to see how athletes treat basketball for their lives, and in doing so I decided to compare how a person treats the sport as a leisure and how a person treats the sport as a method of losing weight or staying healthy. At the In-Shape academy, I was able to observe people of many different ages, especially seniors and overweight adults. Some of these people say that it is very difficult to lose weight because it is very annoying to walk on the treadmill or doing boring exercises in the gym but they do the same because they think
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The first is related to the benefits of practicing sports in an academy that has all the resources so that a young person or senior can practice every day and benefit over time from these activities when it becomes a daily routine in their priorities. As for basketball, I also find it very beneficial to be a part of the school curriculum, the assiduous practice of the sport, since the daily practices and the games related to the championships makes the sport very disputed and entertaining for the athletes and this is the great difference between the two types of people who does the sport just to stay healthy or lose weight, thinks of sport as an action of their day and for young basketball players they treat the sport as their work, as something that is part of their lives that without that they do not feel well in their day or in healty life. I finalize my observation considering the exercises fundamental of being
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