Basketball Personal Narrative

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When I first started playing basketball I was 13.That's when I realized that I could do something.That’s when I realized that I could really use my height. So I signed up for the 7th-grade basketball team,because I am 5 feet 10 inches tall and I believed that I could do something. But it's my first year on an official team and my first time on a real court. When I was younger about the age of 12 I use to play basketball at the local rec center. That was the only time that I ever held the ball. But luckily made the 7th-grade team.The only reason they wanted me s because I got the height otherwise I would of been out. First day of practice, I couldn't even make a lay-up or dribble the ball. Most of the time i'm just under the basketball hoop getting the ball. it's probably the worst year that I ever played.
II got put on Bteam and on the bench. I couldn’t stay In the game because my stamina was lacking and I didn’t know what to do on the court. I didn’t understand the plays and I'm always standing in one spot under the basket. But now I know that basketball is not about waiting for the shot,it's about how you get the shot. I sucked, I probably only scored about 6 points in the whole season. I thought I would get better every day at practice. But I didn't because everything I did at
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In my own words, I would say that I was horrible, just like what people think of me. And soon all that led to bad habits on the court. It felt horrible. I felt so left out because I couldn’t compete on the same level as the other people. But then I met someone a year later that change the game for me and helped me and pushed me. Taught me the right way to play the game and increased my stamina. He didn't just train me, he also taught me how to do better. My grades are important, so this year I can improve and be better than last year I try to get my grades up so i can participate in school
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