Basketball Shooting Narrative

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It was a total blowout in our last game of the season. My team and I walked into the locker with disappointed looks on our faces. The yells and screams of the opposing team’s fans didn’t help with our morale. We didn’t have the season that we thought we were going to have. Coach Bernans gave a big speech that no one cared to listen to. Silence was in the air as everyone packed their jerseys. I also was upset about the season, but it wasn’t for the same reason as my teammates. I was depressed that I didn’t have the season I expected from myself. At the beginning of the season I expected to score a lot every game, but it didn’t go as I planned out. My lack of confidence stopped me from scoring. Despondency was filled in my head as the bus
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“You barely shot the ball. You should be getting buckets on these guys. Don’t be shy and shoot the dang ball. Don’t you wanna play in college and even the league?”.
“Yeah, that’s what I’m shooting for”.
“Then just shoot man, there is no consequence in shooting. The more you shoot, the more you get the ball, the more you get the ball, the more you get noticed, the more you get noticed, the more of a chance to play Division I basketball at the collegiate level. You have the skills, you just need to show it”.
I was thinking of what Hersh had said to me when I was warming up before tryouts for an AAU team in downtown Columbus.
The gym wasn’t the best out there; the floor was covered with small dust, and holes ripped through the nets of the basketball hoops. When I first entered the gym, sweat quickly dropped down my face; the ventilation was horrible. But even with the crummy environment, the players at the tryout were really talented. The coach running the whole tryout began to speak to the players. “We’re going to start off with dynamic stretches!” he yelled. When stretching, I could already tell who were the good players and who were the bad players. I knew who I had to be better than this

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