Basketball: The Evolution And Evolution Of Basketball

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Basketball has been around for 126 years. Basketball has evolved since it was first created because, the rules, the equipment, and the game itself has evolved ever since it was created. The game of basketball was created on December 21, 1891 by a person called James Naismith. The first game was played in a YMCA training school where they were training young men to become instructors for the new centers. At first basketball required very little equipment to be played all you needed were two peach baskets and a soccer ball. The only way to move up the court was to pass, basically meaning there was no dribbling. One of the early struggles was that when you finally made a shot was that it would be a struggle to get the ball out of the peach basket. It would usually require someone to get a very long pole or climb a tree. In the growth and popularity of the sport there has been a lot changes to the game. One of them was the amount of players in a game. At first there were 18 players on the court at the same time, which made it a 9 versus 9 and really made the court crowded. There was also no shot clock so basically a team could hold the ball for an entire half and not score, the games consisted of 2, 15 minute halves. The game has also evolved because it has become so fast pace compared to back then. It’s not like when it started, like when you look at teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets their pace in the game in my opinion the older teams wouldn’t be
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