Basketball: The Importance On The Game Of Basketball

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Basketball; a game of emotion, passion, energy, and strategy. A game where a single play can change momentum, and even the outcome of a game. Precision and balance are required to play such a sport, and it is the balance within the positions that make playing and winning possible. From the guards, to the forwards, to the center, the strategy input into these very positions are a crucial part of the way basketball is played now. The first position on the court is known as the point guard, usually a ball-handler and playmaker. In simpler terms, the point guard is the person dribbling up the court on an inbounds pass, and setting up teammates to score. However, this is a very basic explanation and they are often not limited to these attributes. With Scoring and defending being possible options as well, the Point guard, also called the “one”, is a fairly versatile position. A point guards physical attributes correlate with their abilities. Fast, quick and precise, are all words used when describing the point guard. There is a good chance they might be the lightest and shortest ones there too, but this is not always the case. The second position on the court belongs to the shooting guard. The shooting guard, or “two”, is similar to the point guard in many aspects. Usually the same height and weight, these positions are somewhat interchangeable. With that being said, roles are where these positions tend to differ. A shooting guards niche is primarily to score, defend, and

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