Basketball Tryouts: A Short Story

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B is for Basketball Tryouts I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been looking forward to basketball tryouts all day. I knew I had a slim chance of actually making the team, but I wanted to improve and better myself and the only way to do that was to at least try. I was excited, but at the same time I was so nervous I almost couldn’t believe it. When school was finally over I rushed out to the car and met my mom with a giant smile. She had brought my bag and was taking me up to Oak Grove West where tryouts would be held. When we finally reached the school I looked at my mom and suddenly all my excitement turned to fear. I looked at my mom tears burning in my eyes. “I can’t do it Mom! It’s too much. I won’t even make the team.” She…show more content…
I couldn’t believe I had messed up so much. I had felt so disappointed in myself. So, after the actual tryout was done they would sit us in the hall, and then they would go into the library and they would call us in one-by-one to tell us if we made the team. I sat in the hallway with my sister fidgeting with my hands, and watching miserably as girl after girl ran out of the library crying. I turned to my sister and said, “I’m never gonna make the team. If he denied all of these girls who’re so much better than me, then he won’t ever pick me!” I could already feel tears building, and I hadn’t even gotten the news. Then, I heard it. “Anastasia?” I raised my hand, and started to quickly walk to the door keeping my head down and out of the view of others. I reached for the doorknob slowly. I could visibly see my fingers trembling as my hand inched closer and closer. My eyes were shut tight and my breathing was shallow and quickened, why was I doing this? Finally, I turned the knob. I did it quickly to get it over with, and as I started walking to the table in the library I jumped at the sound of the door
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