Basketball Weight Training Research Paper

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Basketball Weight Training
Basketball weight training is the key to a vertical leap like Kobe Bryant, and dominating the boards like Dwight Howard. A combination of weight lifting and speed training will do wonders for your success on the court. I understand that basketball is a game of skill and finesse, but you can’t deny that power and speed are just as important. If you take a player with great basketball skill, and make them stronger, faster, and give them a great vertical leap, then you will have a great basketball player that will stand out above the rest. That is the goal for you.
When a new guy comes into the league who might be a little too skinny and will probably be pushed around when he tries to post up, the teams always put them on a basketball weight training program to add some solid muscle weight.
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They will have him do the same on the bench press to add size and strength to his chest, shoulders and arms, and to add thickness to his overall upper body. Squats for the legs and back, and Power cleans for legs, back and explosiveness. All of that is basic stuff for adding overall size and strength like Dwight Howard, but here is where we get into the best stuff.Strength training tips for Basketball weight training.We talked about doing squats in this basketball weight training program, but now we will talk about how to make those squats improve your speed and vertical leap like Lebron
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