Basketball's Greatest Accomplishments

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Just like playing varsity basketball, attending West Point is not for everyone. Our coach always reminds us that a basketball player is not like his peers: to be successful, he must make certain sacrifices. Regarding anything prestigious, including attending West Point, coach’s statement applies. Whether it is sacrificing sleeping in or giving up the typical social life of a high school or college student, integrity and discipline are the most important qualities to finding the success one desires. To be an above average student or athlete or soldier, one must do what average will not, ranging from abstaining from dessert to skipping the party. Success, at least in anything worthwhile, does not come without struggle whether it is physical, moral, or motivational. Confronting these obstacles requires the aspiring individual to have discipline. As a varsity athlete and honors student, for example, a physical struggle one faces is with sleep: he must often wake up earlier than his friends and go to bed later in order to complete the studies and workouts required for his desired achievement level. Naturally, giving up sleep is not easy; it requires discipline and commitment to rise before the sun and go to sleep after it has set. Yet with practiced self-control, it becomes gradually easier to set oneself apart from the average.…show more content…
When an individual is faced with seemingly immeasurable growth and the comforts his peers have, it becomes easy to lose motivation. Without integrity to self and values, success becomes impossible to obtain. Oftentimes, indifference can settle when faced with pain or fatigue; one’s love can become a chore; or doubt can creep in when results are not immediate. To push through these walls, a cadet must fall back on their foundation: their values. With this integrity to oneself, it becomes possible to shake off whatever is holding back
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