Bass Harbor Landscape Analysis

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As I made my way in to the Averitt Center for the Arts, located locally in Statesboro, Georgia, I felt a sort of peace. The exterior of the Averitt Center is placed by an old-timey theatre, and is only accessible by walking which I liked because it made me feel like I was in the old days, when couples and individuals walked to the theatre with friends and family to enjoy a night out on the town. The interior was white and perfectly lit which made it seem very large and open, and like it had more work than it really did. This bright white color, mixed with just the right amount of lighting, made each piece of art stand out, making my decision a little harder than I believed it would be. Each of the three levels were laid out differently. The…show more content…
This acrylic painting was completed by Lawrence Smith, and is representational. Smith uses lines and color to divide the areas and to give each element its figure. He uses mostly cool colors (green and blue) which gives the painting a sort of calming effect. Smith uses proportion to show that the light house is further away by making the rocks larger and the trees smaller. He used shapes like triangles for the tree branches. The painting takes place during the day, and this is concluded because of his use of bright colors in the sky, which makes the sky look sunny. This asymmetrical painting uses tinting in the sky to give the blues different colors, as well as shading to show where the sun isn’t really hitting the rocks. You could also say that Smith uses time and motion by giving us the idea that the clouds and trees are being blown by the wind. He does this by placing some trees in a slanted position. I feel that Smith painted this piece en plein air, in the open air. I suppose this area could have been his safe place, or what I call a “happy place”. This may be the place he goes to when he needs a breath of fresh air, or somewhere he goes to think when times get hard. When painting Bass Harbor Landscape, I believe he felt peaceful, like he had nothing to worry about. I think that Smith wanted to show the world the place that comforts him in
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