Basti Karma Case Study

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USEFUL CONSERVATIVE TREATMENT IN THE MANAGEMENT OF CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE: A PILOT STUDY Panchkarma is one of the unique treatment procedures of Ayurveda. Among that Basti karma is important one, because its sphere of action is said to be Apadmastak (1). Basti is the superior therapeutic procedure which does various actions due to combination of various drugs. It appears as a very useful treatment procedure in the management of various disorders. Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is a disease condition in which basti karma seems to be very useful type of therapeutic procedure. Brihtayadi Kashaya of Tridoshaja Mutrakriccha rogadhikara of text Chakradutta (2) was used for Niruha Basti in the management of CRF patients. It shows very significant improvement in disease condition. Current Scenario of management of…show more content…
locality of Buldhana district. All nine patients were of medico-renal disease of unknown etiology with sonologically observed small size kidneys. Among Nine patients, only one patient had Serum Creatinine level of 8mg/dl, otherwise remaining 8 patients were in range of 3-5mg/dl at the time of registration. Brihtyadi Niruha Basti was administered in every patient for fifteen days with matra basti of Yashtimadhu or Narayana taila as per need of individual patient. Depend upon the shodhanaharta number of niruha basti was administered. OBSERVATIONS: Course of Brihtyadi Niruha Basti shows average fall of 3 to 4 mg/dl of Serum Creatinine concentrations and average fall of 20 to 30 mg/dl of Bl.Urea level was observed in every patient. Patient shows average improvement of Heamoglobin upto 2gm%. Clinically shows improvement in well being, weakness, anorexia, headache, and dyspnea. Though there is no Sonologically any improvement in size of kidneys was found in any patient.

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