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The Uses and Ultimate Demise of the Bastille
The Bastille is a building in Paris, France that began construction on April 22nd, 1370 under the rule of King Charles V. The construction was completed in 1783, under King Charles VI. The Bastille was a one-of-a-kind building, that represented the overwhelming power of the French government. Most people saw this building as frightening, because it had been used as a fortress, armory, and prison. It was the French citizen’s anger and fear that caused the Bastille’s ultimate demise, which took place during the time period of July 14th, 1789 through February 6, 1790. The Bastille was a unique fortress, armory, and prison that stood for many years until France’s own people destroyed it, representing
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The people living under King Louis XVI’s rule were beginning to to revolt against him for living his lavish lifestyle that they could never possibly afford. This anger caused 900 Persians to travel to the Bastille, ready to fight against the rise in bread prices which were higher than they had ever been. There was also a rumor spreading around that French soldiers were on their way to the Bastille. They also heard that there were many weapons inside the Bastille. After hearing this, they found a way to open the drawbridge and storm into the building. They were not alone because some members of the French guard were aiding the mob. The prison warren, eventually conceded after much time spent fighting. When the people entered the Bastille, some prisoners escaped and the warren was killed. The crowd was not able to find the ammunition for the weapons so they began to tear down the building. This was not a usual revolt, as the experts of stated, “This dramatic action signaled the beginning of the French Revolution, a decade of political turmoil and terror”. Although the revolutionaries did not completely destroy the building on that day, the government that was created post revolution ordered for its complete destruction. This led to its ultimate demise on February 6, 1790, in which the very last brick of the Bastille was given to the National Assembly (those who sparked the
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