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Executive Summary Bata is a international footwear manufacture and retailer. It was established since 1894 is a historical footwear brand. In year 1930, first retail store is establish in south of Malaysia and after five year Bata build the 1st factory in Klang, Selangor. Nowadays Bata already have retail over 50 countries and 27 countries have Bata’s production facilities. In order to have more competitive power, Bata was keep improved and innovate their product, so that can bring more conveniences and comfortableness for their customer. After we conducted the situation analysis in Malaysia Market, Bata Malaysia come out with the new series of footwear named as “Invisible Heel”. Beside this, we also used variable analysis, in order to determine more clear the situation of market in Malaysia. PESTL analysis is the frist analysis that we used to examine the macro trend how to affect the market, inside included legal and political factor, economic factors, social factors and technological factors. Five…show more content…
According to the survey by the America podiatrists Medical Association (APMA), out of 1000 females ages 18 and older; there were 500 females that wear high heels. Most of them wear high heels for fashion, working, interviewing, presenting, look sexier or many other reasons. Although high heels bring pain to their foot, they still will not refuse or can’t refuse to wear high heels. Most of them wear heels at least two inches high. They find out that the high-heel will bring the shortened calf muscles, knee and back problems, awkward gait, and injuries during falls. (Women’s Health Trends, n.d.). Therefore, the feature of Invisible Heels is designed to fulfill customer’s needs and wants and helps them to reduce and avoid the physical problems. Physical problems that are often caused by wearing high heels, including blisters, heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot, corns and calluses, and pain in the arches of the

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