Bates Motel Character Analysis

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A mother and son who will do anything for each other and always strive to make each other happy seems like a wonderful relationship. In the popular TV show, Bates Motel, the son, Norman, and the mother, Norma, are introduced being devoted to one another; as the series progresses, the love the family shares is constant, despite their flaws and mistakes. This show depicts devotion, love, and shows how dysfunctional a relationship can be. Entangled within the family problems that arise, the son, Norman, ends up killing, and raping women. He assaults the women because he believes that his mother would find the woman to be too sexual around him. This show could be detrimental if seen, due to the violence, rape, drug industry, and the depiction of a loving but dysfunctional relationship…show more content…
This show serves as a platform for people to laugh at Norma’s insanity and feel fear through Norman’s killings. In addition to being a source of entertainment, it also provides positive and powerful morals. The fantasy of unconditional love is a major theme within the television show. While their love precipitates complications from the devotion they share, it shows that love isn’t gone when someone is crazy, angry, or dangerous. A new perspective towards the people labeled ‘crazy’ and ‘problematic’ can be obtained in our own society and can be extended to a reminder that everyone feels emotions, love, joy, sadness, desperation etc.. This has a tremendous value that can’t be looked over when watching Bates Motel. In conclusion, the show Bates Motel has it's positives and negatives. Showing violence, rape, drugs without reparations, is definitely a problem people can have with the show. It is only a show and does not go without positive aspects towards its presentation and storyline or else it would not be a popular

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