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How to make your own-made bath bombs

Do you like bath? If you like baths, then you certainly have had contact with the bath bombs in your entire body. These are funny balls with very fragrant smell. This article will not discuss how fun the bath balls are but how to make them.

Conventional Bath Bombs
Bath bombs were created by one of the founders of Lush, a popular cosmetics company. Bath bombs were made based on a discovery 100 years ago associated with the color and the scent of bath water. I was a customer of Lush but lately I felt the quality of their products had been far less than their products in the past. I was curious and decided to check out their products. I researched every important element that makes up most of Lush products.
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Stir the mixture until evenly distributed. Once completely mixed, add the essential oils and natural dyes according to your taste.

In addition to coconut oil, you can also use essential oils as follows:
Budget: Increasing sex drive
Lavender: Relaxation
Oranges and Lemon: Refreshing
Lavender: Creating a relaxing feeling
Lemongrass: Adding aroma of sweets

Make combinations according to your creativity. Do not overdo the use of essential oils; you can simply use a maximum of 10 drops of them. Apply a few of oil on the mold to prevent bomb tacked. You do not need to cook, simply leave the mixture to cool at room temperature. You need to leave them overnight. The next day you can remove them and store in a jar.

Why Bath Bombs?

Magnesium and Epsom salts when combined with baking soda is able to effectively help the body to relax, while coconut oil is able to moisturize the skin surface. In general, homemade bath bombs have several scents that are useful in the process of relaxation of the body. By making bath bombs independently we can minimize the risk of contamination of hazardous chemicals in a variety of bath products sold in the

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