Bath Soap Questionnaire

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To look at the client satisfaction, perception complete loyalty towards bath soap and.
Based on analysis of Primary and secondary sources, Acceptable applied mathematics tools like averages, weighted averages.
People are exploitation identical complete for an extended amount of your time that shows a robust complete loyalty among them.
Company should concentrate on shaping complete loyalty towards selected store.
Product innovation, good selling and distribution are going to be of key importance for FMCG product.
To study the brand loyalty among the consumers towards toilet soap. To find out the factors which affect that.
Collecting primary & secondary data, Sampling techniques.
52% of the respondents purchasing their brand in the frequency
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To identify the women consumers who made purchase of Toilet soaps in the leading store.
Based on an analysis of primary and secondary sources. The 5-point likert Scaling technique was used in the questionnaire.
The study identified that brand name influence brand loyalty towards toilet soaps and that can affect women buying behaviour in the market place.
Marketers should find the loyalty factors that can affect women buying behavior in the market, which can help in segmenting consumers and markets for their brands.
Brand loyalty is important for any organization to ensure that their products is kept in minds of consumers and it will reduce the switching to other brands.
To find out the status of brand loyalty of bath soap users in Erode.
Primary data, Questionnaire survey, Observation technique.
Brand name, Product features, Availability, Family influence, Sales Promotion affect brand loyalty. Advertisement and price do not affect brand loyalty.
Marketers should place a huge importance in determining the factors that affect brand loyalty of bath soap.
Five factors affecting brand loyalty of bath soap users have been identified. This research can be extended to find out more socio-economic factors in the case of brand loyalty of bath soap
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People need quality of soap for which they are ready to have brand loyalty or switch over from one brand to another.
Find out the factors which affecting the consumer’s buying behaviour towards bathing soap.
Sampling design, sampling size, Area of study, Period of study
A soap with well planned marketing communication with a superior awareness can attract more customers towards the brand.
Marketers should attempt to leverage or build brand awareness.
The bathing soaps with superior awareness, good brand image, publicity, parent brand, quality and advertisement always grasp greater attention of the targeted customers.
To examine the consumer behaviour and preference towards bathing soap.
Based on primary data.
30% were considering quality as a major factor which affect buying decision. 25% were buying the same brand because of standard quality.
Company should focus on quality, offers and improve quality for better sales.
People need quality of soap for which they are ready to have brand loyalty or switch over from one brand to another.
To study on consumer preference towards personal care products like soaps,

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