Bathe Plus Beauty Case Study

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CHAPTER 3 MARKET ANALYSIS Market and Target Market Overview Total Population Bathe plus Beauty, an online skin care retail shop, will market its products to females of National Capital Region, or also named as Metro Manila, to ages eighteen to forties. The population data are all based from the actual data from Philippine Statistics Authority for years 2000 and 2010. These actual data of 2000 and 2010 will be use to project population of females in NCR 2015-2018 using a straight line method. The method is to subtract the population of 2010 with the population of 2000 and then divide it by 10 to get the population increase that will be added to 2010 population to get the 2011 population and so on. The age group is computed through dividing equally the age bracket population then transferring…show more content…
Middle class is the income class we are aiming because they gain average monthly income of PHP36,934. According to the table of Average Monthly Income and Expenditure of National Statistical Coordination Board this income class spends PHP905 for personal care and effects where the company’s products are categorize. 2.45% of the income of a middle class person goes to personal care and effects where Bathe plus Beauty’s products are categorize. Primary Target Market The business targets Metro Manila because people in this region have high population of online shoppers. Online shoppers of bathe and beauty products are the primary target market of the company since it is an online shop. Demand And Supply Analysis Bathe plus Beauty introduced its first two products to the market on the third week of July 2014. These soaps are named as “Oaty Milk” and the other one is “Oceanic Mint.” The company produced 12 bars of each kind for their first supply of products. After a week it is followed by another introduction of a new product which is the “Tomato Soap” which is also 12

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