Bathroom Renovation

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In order to achieve excellent results that don 't stress or worry you as a builder or homeowner, a bathroom renovation can be a critical sequence of events. There are various components of a bathroom renovation such as: waterproofing, tiling, plumbing rough-in, lighting, and they must all be in the right order. This allows the right tradesman to be on site at the right time.

You 'll want to keep track of key milestones you have set throughout the project to see that critical stages of work to prepare the next stage can commence. This prevents any unnecessary mistakes that could delay the project to be finished properly. Here are the steps in the proper sequence:

Demolition and Strip Out-Demolition and strip out means the removing of all items you don 't want in your next renovation. This may include: old vanity
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Electrical-You should find a good professional electrician. They can move quickly. Make sure power points and lighting is done to the proper building standards, which may have minimum distances to water outlets.
Ceilings and Walls-Builders may choose to put a new ceiling in at this stage. This will depend on the initial strip out. It is important to make sure that the sequence does not hinder any other tradesman from completing their scheduled tasks. Gyprock is relatively simple and quick to work with. If the bathroom access isn 't good, it can take longer than scheduled.

Waterproofing-Some standards may dictate waterproofing around showers and baths. This involves applying a membrane that needs to be left to dry for at least a day before the rest of the work can be finished. While the waterproofing is curing, a professional bathroom builder can make sure other tradesmen are progressing on schedule.

Tiling-Tradesmen who install tile are usually quick and skilled. The choice of tile and finish will decide the time you need at this stage. Some will prefer large tiles for a quick job. They are good at estimating the length of time needed for job

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